Tigers Get Their Shortstop (and another 1-year deal)

The Detroit Tigers are set to agree to a 1-year contract with former Pittsburgh Pirates Shortstop, 32-year old Jordy Mercer.  The deal is worth $5.25mm with another $250k in incentives. 

Think of Mercer as a poor man’s Jose Iglesias (Yikes!!).  The slugging is slightly higer, so expect a few more home runs and Mercer may walk more, but the strike out totals will be higher for sure.  Additionally, Mercer hasn’t rated well, however Iglesias hasn’t either (mind blown) when it comes to stats like defensive runs saved above average (Rdrs).

The one thing I do like about this deal is that Iglesias is no longer on the roster.  I’ve always had a gut feeling that Iglesias wasn’t a good clubhouse guy and glad that we can now see Detroit without him, although at this point, does it really matter?  Mercer is just a place holder, hopefully for Isaac Paredes, Willi Castro, or Dawel Lugo (if decided to move him back to SS)

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