2017 Detroit Tigers First Year Player Draft Results

Faedo, Alex 2.jpgThe Tigers kicked off the 2017 first year player draft by taking righty Alex Faedo out of Florida with the 18th pick.  Faedo was once considered as a possibly #1 pick, however a sluggish start due to injury set him back.  The Tigers second pick is an intriguing one as they chose Reynaldo Rivera out of Chipola College.  Rivera is a big lefty with raw power and the ability to hit.  It will just be interesting to see what he does against more talented players.

Other than that, the Tigers draft looked a little different under Al Avila this year, as the team did show a bit more focus on outfield depth, as the team selected five outfielders in their first 18 picks.

Here’s how the draft went (Rd/Pick/Player/School/POS)

  1. (18) Alex Faedo, Florida (RHP) – Video
  2. (57) Reynaldo Rivera, Chipola College (OF)
  3. (95) Joey Morgan, Washington (C) – Video
  4. (125) Gio Arriera, Palm Beach CC (RHP)
  5. (155) Sam McMillan, Suwannee HS (C) – Video
  6. (185) Dane Myers, Rice (RHP)
  7. (215) Brad Bass, Notre Dame (RHP) – Video
  8. (245) Max Green, Pepperdine University (LHP)
  9. (275) Luke Burch, Kent St (OF)
  10. (305) Garrett McCain, Oklahoma St (OF)
  11. (335) Garett King, California Baptist University (RHP)
  12. (365) Will Vest, Stephen F Austin U (RHP)
  13. (395) Cole Peterson, St. Bonaventure U (SS)
  14. (425) Antoine Mistico, Chandler HS (OF)
  15. (455) Teddy Hoffman, Texas State (OF)
  16. (485) Carson Lance, Lamar U (RHP)
  17. (515) Billy Lescher, Penn (RHP)
  18. (545) Dylan Rosa, Kent St (OF)
  19. (575) Ryan Kartstetter, State College of Florida Manatee (3B)
  20. (605) Dylan Burdeaux, U Southern Miss (1B)
  21. (635) Jordan Pearce, U Nevada Reno (3B)
  22. (665) Colby Bortles, Ole Miss (3B)
  23. (695) Mitchell Stalsberg, Winona St (LHP)
  24. (725) Jordan Knutson, Missouri St U (LHP)
  25. (755) Dylan Stock, Binghamton U (RHP)
  26. (785) Drew Crosby, U Memphis (LHP)
  27. (815) Jake Bivens, Michigan (UTL)
  28. (845) Cameron Warner, TCU (2B)
  29. (875) Grant Reuss, Michigan (LHP)
  30. (905) Kyle Thomas, U Northwestern Ohio (RHP)
  31. (935) Nick Storz, Poly Prep Country Day (RHP)
  32. (965) Drew Carlton, Florida State (RHP)
  33. (995) Jake Nelson, Penn (RHP)
  34. (1,025) Ronell Coleman, Vanderbilt U (OF)
  35. (1,055) Jeff Criswell, Portage Central HS (RHP) – Video
  36. (1,085) Jesse Heikkinen, Holt HS (LHP)
  37. (1,115) Shane Cooper, Hutchinson CC (SS)
  38. (1,145) Steven Mann, Detroit Country Day (OF) – Video
  39. (1,175) Jack Leftwich, TNXL Academy (RHP) – Video
  40. (1,205) Rhys Cratty, Langley SS (2B) – Video

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