Looking Back At Our 2016 Season Predictions With Twitter Sensation @DrunkMiggy

Back in April my old blogging crew and I chose our predictions for the season and were joined by Twitter star Drunk Miggy to see who could come closest at years end in prediction team outcomes and award winners.  This year was by far the closest race that we’ve had since starting this back on Pepper Baseball Blog with myself and DeMarco ending it in a tie and Voss falling a half point short.  Matter pulls it out over Drunk Miggy in the end, but barley and with Drunk Miggy not answering a lot of these question.  What I’ve come to learn over the years with these predictions, is that baseball is a game that can take you by surprise at any point.  Lets see how we did…

Division Winners
AL East
Voss: Toronto Blue Jays (Jays have to go for it all, or trade Joey Bats and EE in July & flop)
Kay: Toronto Blue Jays
Matter: Toronto Blue Jays
DeMarco: Boston Red Sox
Drunk Miggy: Whoever ends ARod’s career early
Winner: Boston Red Sox and Drunk Miggy for his early retirement Prediction (DeMarco +1, Drunk Miggy +1)

AL Central
Voss: Cleveland Indians (Central is so tough. Indians & White Sox rotations are two of the best in the Majors. Tigs are #3 but have the best lineup by far. KC is a TEAM but don’t rank high in either. Divisional games are SO important this year)
Kay: Kansas City Royals
Matter: Kansas City Royals
DeMarco: Kansas City Royals
Drunk Miggy: We won’t lose a game
Winner: Cleveland Indians (Voss 1, DeMarco 1, Drunk Miggy 1)

AL West
Voss: Houston Astros
Kay: Houston Astros
Matter: Houston Astros
DeMarco: Houston Astros
Drunk Miggy: Prince Fielder eat them all
Winner: Texas Rangers, no one gets this one, but Drunk Miggy was close as Prince ate his way out of the league

AL Wildcards (2)
Voss: Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers
Kay: Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox
Matter: Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers
DeMarco: Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays
Winners: Orioles & Blue Jays, although only DeMarco nailed Toronto, everyone gets half points for the division winners (DeMarco 2, Voss 1.5, Drunk Miggy 1, Kay 1, Matter .5)

AL Divisional Series Winners
Voss: Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays
Kay: Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays
Matter: Houston Astros & Kansas City Royals
DeMarco: Boston Red Sox & Detroit Tigers
Winner: Indians & Blue Jays (DeMarco 2, Voss 2, Kay 2, Drunk Miggy 1, Matter .5)

AL Pennant Winner
Voss: Toronto Blue Jays (If the Astros spend at the deadline, I’ll put them here)
Kay: Toronto Blue Jays
Matter: Houston Astros
DeMarco: Boston Red Sox
Winner: Indians, none of us saw this one coming!!

NL East
Voss: Washington Nationals (Dusty finally gets them to play to their potential)
Kay: Washington Nationals
Matter: New York Mets
DeMarco: New York Mets
Drunk Miggy: Who cares, they all suck!
Winner: Nationals, half point for Drunk Miggy as neither made the division series (Voss 3, Kay 3, DeMarco 2, Drunk Miggy 1.5, Matter .5)

NL Central
Voss: Chicago Cubs (Most exciting team in baseball)
Kay: Chicago Cubs
Matter: Chicago Cubs
DeMarco: Chicago Cubs
Drunk Miggy: Cubs won’t win until they sacrifice a Billy Goat live on ESPN
Winner: Cubs.  I know Theo ate a post series meal on goat, so we all win this one.  (Voss 4, Kay 4, DeMarco 3, Drunk Miggy 2.5, Matter 1.5)

NL West
Voss: San Francisco Giants (It’s an even year)
Kay: Los Angeles Dodgers
Matter: San Francisco Giants
DeMarco: Los Angeles Dodgers
Drunk Miggy: When the Dodgers sign Jose Valverde, they’ll be dominant
Winner: Dodgers, the Big potato didn’t sign, but they did trade for Rich Hill Miggy (Kay 5, Voss 4, DeMarco 4, Drunk Miggy 3.5, Matter 1.5)

NL Wildcards
Voss: New York Mets & Pittsburgh Pirates
Kay: Pittsburgh Pirates & San Francisco Giants
Matter: Pittsburgh Pirates & Washington Nationals
DeMarco: Pittsburgh Pirates & Washington Nationals
Winners: Mets & Giants (Kay 5.5, Voss 5, DeMarco 4.5, Drunk Miggy 3.5, Matter 2)

NL Divisional Series Winners
Voss: Chicago Cubs & Washington Nationals
Kay: Chicago Cubs & San Francisco Giants
Matter: Chicago Cubs & San Francisco Giants
DeMarco: Chicago Cubs & New York Mets
Winners: Cubs & Dodgers (Kay 6.5, Voss 6, DeMarco 5.5, Drunk Miggy 3.5, Matter 3)

NL Pennant Winner
Voss: Washington Nationals
Kay: Chicago Cubs
Matter: San Francisco Giants
DeMarco: Chicago Cubs
Winner: Cubs (Kay 7.5, DeMarco 6.5, Voss 6, Drunk Miggy 3.5, Matter 3)

World Series Winner
Voss: Washington Nationals (I don’t like the Nats or the Jays, happy I’ll be wrong)
Kay: Toronto Blue Jays
Matter: San Francisco Giants
DeMarco: Boston Red Sox
Drunk Miggy: I predict that my hangover will last for 3 months (I’m guessing he is predicting the Tigers)
Winner: Chicago Cubs, only winner here is Drunk Miggy (half point) as none of us were willing to break the curse (Kay 7.5, DeMarco 6.5, Voss 6, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 3)

Voss: I just can’t go against Trout, he’s a beast; Edges Carlos Correa.
Kay: Jose Altuve, HOU
Matter: Mike Trout, LAA
DeMarco: Mike Trout, LAA
Drunk Miggy: Me
Winner: Mike Trout (Kay 7.5, DeMarco 7.5, Voss 7, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 4)

Voss: Bryce Harper, WAS
Kay: Bryce Harper, WAS
Matter: Bryce Harper, WAS
DeMarco: Paul Goldschmidt, ARI
Drunk Miggy: Me
Winner: Kris Bryant, CHC (Kay 7.5, DeMarco 7.5, Voss 7, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 4)

AL Cy Young
Voss: Chris Sale, CWS
Kay: David Price, BOS
Matter: Dallas Keuchel, HOU
DeMarco: David Price, BOS
Drunk Miggy: Me (We weren’t aware Miggy was pitching this year)
Winner: Rick Porcello (Kay 7.5, DeMarco 7.5, Voss 7, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 4)

NL Cy Young
Voss: Steven Strasburg narrowly over Gerrit Cole & Clayton Kershaw
Kay: Gerrit Cole, PIT
Matter: Clayton Kershaw, LAD
DeMarco: Max Scherzer, WAS
Drunk Miggy: Me
Winner: Max Scherzer (DeMarco 8.5, Kay 7.5, Voss 7, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 4)

AL Rookie of the Year
Voss: Byron Buxton (MIN) & Joey Gallo (TEX) getting the love but won’t hit enough so… Jose Berrios (MIN). Weak “favorites” crop this season.
Kay: A.J. Reed (HOU) if called up by Memorial Day, Buxton (MIN) otherwise.
Matter: Byron Buxton, MIN
DeMarco: A.J. Reed, HOU
Drunk Miggy: Rookies always buy the first round of shots and pay for hookers.
Winner: Michael Fulmer (DeMarco 8.5, Kay 7.5, Voss 7, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 4)

NL Rookie of the Year
Voss: Have to go with the hitter in Corey Seager (LAD). Steven Matz (NYM) will make it close while Lucas Giolito (WAS) would have made it closer if he was called up earlier.
Kay: Corey Seager, LAD
Matter: Kenta Maeda, LAD
DeMarco: Corey Seager, LAD
Winner: Corey Seager (DeMarco 9.5, Kay 8.5, Voss 8, Drunk Miggy 4, Matter 4)

Random Prediction
Voss:  Anthony Rendon wins Comeback Player of the Year in a year with a lot of options.
Kay: Ian Desmond never bounces back…
Drunk Miggy: Bruce Rondon gets traded for a dozen donuts
Winner: Losers all around

On the brink of playoffs AL & NL –
Voss: BoSox (young stars, just will take a year for DD to fix it and get pitching) & D-Backs
Kay: Arizona Diamondbacks & Cleveland Indians
Matter: Detroit Tigers & Los Angeles Dodgers
DeMarco: Minnesota Twins & Arizona Diamondbacks
Winners: Points for the Red Sox, Indians, and Dodgers picks (DeMarco 9.5, Kay 9.5, Voss 9, Matt 5, Drunk Miggy 4)

Unlikely MVP/Cy Young
Voss: Does Mookie Betts (BOS) count? I would’ve picked him for the MVP honor if I didn’t think the Bosox will underachieve.
Kay: Jose Fernandez (MIA), based on returning mid-season last year after surgery.  Nolan Arenado (COL), based on the Rockies not even sniffing the playoffs.
Matter: Nolan Arenado, COL & Francisco Liriano, PIT
DeMarco: Xander Bogaerts,BOS & Gerrit Cole, PIT
Comments: Betts and Arenado are winnig predictions, as is Xander Bogaerts

Most Disappointing Team AL& NL
Voss: BoSox – too much hype, not enough pitching. Dodgers – weird offseason when they have more $ than anyone.
Kay: Arizona Diamondbacks & New York Yankees.  Built that power bullpen like KC, forgot everything else…
Matter: Boston Red Sox & Arizona Diamondbacks
DeMarco: New York Yankees & St. Louis Cardinals
Drunk Miggy: The Royals will suck, and the Cardinals will swallow
Winner: Drunk Miggy without a doubt, point taken away from Voss for Boston and LA comments, plus a point for me for DBack, Matter nets 0, and DeMarco gets a point

Most Disappointing Player AL & NL
Voss: Corey Dickerson, TB & Freddie Freeman, ATL
Kay: Giancarlo Stanton, MIA (can’t stay healthy), Justin Upton, DET
Matter: A.J. Pollock, ARZ & David Price, BOS
DeMarco: Jose Bautista, TOR & Giancarlo Stanton, MIA
Year End Comment: We nailed just about all of these!

Best Waiver Wire Pickup in your fantasy league
Voss: Blake Snell, TB
Kay: Trevor Story, COL
Matter: Hector Olivera, ATL
DeMarco: Chris Colabello, TOR
Year End Comment: Voss and I do pretty good here

Who won’t finish the season (health/otherwise)
Voss: Masahiro Tanaka (NYY), nasty stuff but the elbow is a ticking time bomb.
Kay: Stanton, MIA
Matter: Edwin Encarnacion, TOR
DeMarco: Stanton, MIA
Drunk Miggy: Prince Fielder will eat Mike (I think he means Giancarlo) Stanton and then poop out Ryan Raburn
Year End Comment: Myself and DeMarco nail it, as does Drunk Miggy, kind of…

Surprise rookie AL & NL
Voss: Blake Snell, TB & Julio Urias, LAD
Kay: A.J. Reed, HOU & Tyler Glasnow, PIT
Matter: A.J. Reed, HOU & Trea Turner, WAS
DeMarco: Tyler White, HOU & Trea Turner, WAS
Year End Comment: Voss nails it, Matter/DeMarco make a good call on Turner

Breakout player AL & NL
Voss: Mookie Betts (BOS) & George Springer (HOU) (Betts & Xander, Correa & Springer join Kris Bryant & Anthony Rizzo as three of the best young tandems in the Majors)
Kay: Mookie Betts,BOS & Noah Syndergaard, NYM
Matter: Lorenzo Cain, KC & Maikel Franco, PHI
DeMarco: Marcus Stroman, TOR & Gregory Polanco, PIT
Year End Comment: Voss gets a point for Mookie, but gets it taken away for thinking the Astros are in the NL (I know you don’t, but read the category! I nail both

Now for the odd balls….
Over hyped
Voss: Miguel Sano (for this season only)
Kay: Kris Bryant – love watching him hit, but may strike out 200+ times
Year End Comment: Voss does way better than my choice for sure, ugh

Non-Detroit player I’ll be keeping tabs on
Voss: Carlos Martinez. Nasty stuff, but can he harness it? And teams I just love to watch and will be rooting for: Cubs, Pirates and Astros (Correa is just a special player).
Kay: All the Chicago Cubs kids
Year End Comment: Yep, solid on both choices

Minor Leaguer I’m excited to see & it may not be until September
Voss: Because I think Giolito will be up sooner, pot head Alex Reyes – Gas Face!
Kay: Reyes
Comment: We nail this.  Kid is sick!

If I was a GM and could pick one roster the next 5 years?
Voss: Too easy, we said it last year – Cubs. Bosox next in line since the Twinkies will never spend and no longer have Gardenhire.
Kay: Cubs fo sho

Hometown Predictions
Voss: James McCann becomes a big time fan favorite in Comerica Park
Shane Greene gets 175 K’s and remains in the Tigers rotation all season long
Staff future looks extremely bright with Matt Boyd, Derek Norris and Michael Fulmer. Can’t decide who takes Pelfrey’s spot in the rotation but Boyd or Norris will by June. Dombrowski’s last moves will be remembered fondly..

Kay: Kate Upton remains the more popular Upton in Detroit, but JUp outperforms Cespedes, which may not mean a whole lot
Anibal Sanchez proves he can’t stay healthy…again
Miguel Cabrera has another MVP type season, but falls short
Brad Ausmus will be gone after this season

Thanks for checking in with us, we’ll be back next year (hopefully with @Drunkmiggy) for more predictions

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