Twenty-Five Baseball Things I Am Thankful For

mlb logoYesterday, I names twenty-five Detroit Tigers things that I was thankful for and today we go a little more general with twenty-five baseball things that I am thankful for.  Here we go…

  1. 6-4-3
  2. Spring Training games
  3. Day-Night double headers
  4. Not having to worry about a clock expiring for the end of a game
  5. The ’98 home run chase
  6. The Hot Stove
  7. 60 feet, 6 inches
  8. Curses
  9. The knuckle curve
  10. Baseball History
  11. Wrigley Field
  12. Cooperstown
  13. Ken Burns and Baseball
  14. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  15. Jackie & Branch Rickey
  16. Baseball Cards
  17. Yankees-Red Sox
  18. Four words…”Pitchers and Catchers Report”
  19. Prospects
  20. The Green Monster
  21. Ernie, Vin, Mel, and Harry
  22. Fall Classics
  23. Ghosts of legends past
  24. Superstitions
  25. Passing the game down from one generation to another

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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