Another Baseball Card Year Set To Start With 2016 Topps

2016 topps boxAnother baseball card season is about to kick off with the release of the flagship Topps Series 1 on February 3rd.  Topps has been the main brand since 1951 and now is joined by numerous off-shoots of Topps that include Bowman, Topps Heritage, and Gypsy Queen to name a few.

Topps once again will break the traditional set in to 3 series, which include Series 1, Series 2 (released 6/15), and an Update Series that is released in October.  The look once again revolutionizes the brand after last years popular design by forgoing borders for full bleed player photos for the first time in the history of the brand (here is the evolution of the design over the years).  I was a fan of last years move away from the stale white borders and looks like I’ll be a fan of 2016 with a design that looks more like the Stadium Club cards than the traditional Topps release.

Series 1 & 2 will be comprised of 350 cards each with the standard veterans, rookies, Future Stars, League Leaders, World Series Highlights, and team cards.  As usual with Topps, there will be parallel’s for each card that are Rainbow, Gold, Vintage Stock, Black, Pink, Clear, Framed, Platinum, and Printing Plates.

Key rookie cards include: Aaron Nola, Jon Gray, Jose Peraza, Kaleb Cowart, Kyle Schwarber, Luis Severino, Michael Conforto, Miguel Sano, Corey Seager, Hector Olivera, Henry Owens, Stephen Piscotty, Trea Turner, and Greg Bird

Another standard for Topps are the mass inserts offered and will include Berger’s Best, Perspectives, Pressed Into Service, and 100 Years at Wrigley.  For some reason Presidential Candidates will be an insert, along with power hitting combos in Back-To-Back, First Pitch, and Topps Laser.

In each hobby box, you are also guaranteed a “relic” card or autograph that could be found on a Berger’s Best insert, Topps Laser, Back-To-Back, Pressed Into Service, and 100 Years at Wrigley.  There are a handful of other relics and auto’s, but these are the main versions.

Standard hobby boxes that include an autograph or relic are going for around $60 on eBay and “Jumbo Boxes” which include a guaranteed auto and 2 relic cards are selling close to $90.

Happy new baseball card year and good luck!!

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