Making a Case For Tram: Part 3 – The Hall Facts

Friday, I posted an old entry that I pulled from my old blog Pepper as Tram is up for Hall of Fame election one last time before being taken off the ballot and it’s

1978 topps alan trammell

1978 topps alan trammell

worth the awareness that he’s really not receiving anywhere.

This entry was originally written July 8th, 2011 and edited as an update…

Today, we explore briefly the career leaders in key stat areas, the lowest in that area, the average, and then how Trammell and Barry Larkin compare. Larkin was the last Shortstop elected and received 51.6% of the vote in 2010, his first year of eligibility and 62.1% in 2011before being elected in 2012.  Tram’s high was 33.6 in 2013 before dipping to 20.8% last year.  The Hall of Fame requires a player to receive 75% of the vote to get in.

Batting Average
Best: Honus Wagner .327
Worst: Robert Maranville .258
Average: Robin Yount .285
Trammell: .285
Larkin: .295

On-Base Percentage
Best: Arky Vaughn .406
Worst: Joe Tinker .308
Average: Dave Bancroft .355
Trammell: .352
Larkin: .371

Slugging Percentage 
Best: Ernie Banks .500
Worst: Ozzie Smith .328
Average: Luke Appling .398
Trammell: .415
Larkin: .444

Best: Honus Wagner 3,415
Worst: Hughie Jennings 1,527
Average: Bobby Wallace 2,309
Trammell: 2,365
Larkin: 2,340

Home Runs 
Best: Ernie Banks 512
Worst: Hughie Jennings 18
Average: Pee Wee Reese 126
Trammell: 185
Larkin: 198

Runs Batted In
Best: Honus Wagner 1,732
Worst: Phil Rizzuto 563
Average: Joe Sewell 1,055
Trammell: 1,013
Larkin: 960

Runs Scored 
Best: Honus Wagner 1,736
Worst: Joe Tinker 774
Average: Joe Cronin 1,233
Trammell: 1,231
Larkin: 1,329

Stolen Bases
Best: Honus Wagner 722
Worst: Cal Ripken Jr. 36
Average: Robin Yount 271
Trammell: 236
Larkin: 339

WAR (Wins Above Replacement)
Best: Honus Wagner 134.5
Worst: Hughie Jennings 48.4
Average: Pee Wee Reese 67.9
Trammell: 66.9
Larkin: 68.9

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