Making A HoF Case For Trammell; Parts 1 & 2

So I wanted to dust off a piece (well 4) that I had written for my old blog (Pepper Baseball) around Alan Trammell and why he needs stronger consideration for the Hall of Fame.  The first piece started with Tram and Lou Whitaker being named by SI as the top double play combo of all-time…

Part 1 of 4

Best Homegrown Double Play Duos (Written 6/29/2011)

[TRAMMELL & WHITAKER]Detroit Tigers shortstop Alan Trammell (3) and Lou Whitaker doff their caps to a cheering crowd in the second inning as it was announced they were playing their 1,915th game together, breaking the American League record Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1995, in Detroit. 

Recently a list came out on Yahoo Sports for the top 10 homegrown duos based on combined Wins Above Replacement (WAR). The list was created as we could be witnessing another tandem added to the list in Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer (#8 in Pepper Top 100 Prospects for 2011) called up earlier this year and third baseman Mike Moustakas (#10) called up just over a week ago.

As I was scrolling down I started to get upset that I wasn’t seeing Trammell and Whitaker on the list of course until I got to the very bottom to see their WAR was greater then 12 wins then the 2nd place Chicago Cubs duo Ron Santo/Billy Williams combo and just less then twice that of the #10 San Francisco Giants tandem of Will Clark and Robby Thompson.
Over the next few months we hope to get some more blog entries up on why Tram and possibly Lou belong in the Hall.
Part 2 of 4
Making a Case For Tram (Written 7/5/2011)
It’s Pepper Baseball’s mission to find as many articles, stats, etc to bring out the facts on why we believe Alan Trammell should be in the Hall of Fame and have dedicated a page on Pepper Baseball to house such findings. In the upcoming weeks, months, and years we’ll continue to post whatever we find to help build a case for Tram’s bid for the Hall.
Tram’s Bid – The BeginningGoing in to his 11th year of eligibility, Alan Trammell’s chances of making the Hall of Fame may lie in the Veteran’s
Committees hands with only 4 years left to be voted in by the traditional manner. Trammell has received more support in recent years by both Bill James who rates Trammell better the 14 current Hall of Fame Shortstops and by the Sabermetric community. Trammell’s voting percentage is as follows over the years (75% needed to get in): 15.7% (2002), 14.1% (2003), 13.8% (2004), 16.9% (2005), 17.7% (2006), 13.4% (2007), 18.2% (2008), 17.4% (2009), 22.4% (2010), 24.3% (2011).

Tram’s Resume
Seasons: 20       Games: 2,293      Plate Appearances: 9,375
Avg: .285          OBP: .352             SLG: .415
Hits: 2,365        Runs: 1,231         Runs Batted In: 1,003
2B: 412             3B: 55                 Home Runs: 185
Steals: 236        BB: 850               SO: 874

1984 World Series MVP
6-Time All-Star
4-Time Gold Glove Winner
3-Time Top 10 MVP
Comeback Player of the Year
3-Time Silver Slugger
Keep an eye out for more Pepper based blog entries around Trammell as well as other articles regarding reasons for Alan to be in the Hall.

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