Aramis Ramirez Hall of Fame Case…

Ramirez, AramisLooking through some of the free-agent information today, I had come across to my surprise that Aramis Ramirez retired.

Ramirez just completed his 18th season at the age of 37 where he played for Milwaukee before being traded to Pittsburgh at the trade deadline.  Could he have played a few more years, sure, but his numbers were in decline as age was creeping up.

My guess for Ramirez’s Hall of Fame chances are that they aren’t the greatest as he’ll be overshadowed by Adrian Beltre, but he undoubtedly deserves a long look and discussion when his time comes.

To start, Ramirez hit a career .283, with 2,303 hits, 495 doubles, and 386 home runs.  He collected 1,417 RBI, 633 walks, and 1,238 strike outs, with an impressive OPS of .833.  Aramis finished in the top 20 MVP voting 5 times, but never coming closer than 9th, collected a Silver Slugger, and three trips to the All-Star game.  Ramirez WAR will expose his below average fielding at third with a collective 32.1, however his oWAR tallies to 41.1.

Aramis his 30 or more homers 4 times, 20-29 homers another 6 times, and was over 100 RBI 7 different times.  He never lead the league in any of major categories but his lead it in 2012 with 50 doubles and had hit over .300 seven times.

Ramirez best had to be 2004, when he hit .318 with 36 homers, 103 RBI, a .951 OPS, and 4.4 WAR.  If judging strictly by WAR, than 2012 would be his best year with a 5.5 rating.  That season, he hit .300, with 50 doubles, 27 homers, had 105 RBI, and a .901 OPS.

The career totals will be just on the bottom fringe when comparing to Hall of Famers with Ramirez currently ranking 126th in Slugging (.492), 63rd in home runs, 89th in total bases (4,004), 67th in doubles (495), 73rd in RBI (1,417), 152nd in hits (2,303), and 66th in extra base hits (905), however these numbers tend become impressive the more you go over the power displayed.

When looking at comparisons on Baseball-Reference, their “Hall of Fame Monitor” has Ramirez at an 85, when 100 is about average for what it takes.  The “Hall of Fame Standards” have an average of 50 to get in with Ramirez at 39 and the JAWS rating has Ramirez ranked as the 58th best 3rd basemen of all-time, which may be the best telling stat.

Baseball-Refences also has a player comparison, with Aramis comparing closest stat-wise to 1. Carlos Lee, 2. Ron Santo (Hall of Fame), 3. Scott Rolen (TBD), 4. Andres Galarraga, 5. Orando Cepeda (Hall of Fame).

Focusing back on the JAWS rating and looking directly at third basemen, the stat takes in to account WAR and 7-year peak WAR.  With this metric Ramirez falls way off and finds himself behind guys like Troy Glaus (44tH), Evan Longoria (28th), David Wright (22nd), and Darrell Evans (18th).  Not every writer is a Saber-fanatic however and it’s easy to point to Hall of Famers who rank low in JAWS like Freddie Lindstrom (69th), Pie Trayor (57th), George Kell (47th), and Deacon White (36th) and to continue a case for Aramis.

That said, because he isn’t a great glove-man and is more one dimensional with his power bat, I think he’ll be on the outside looking in unfortunately and not being able to crack the Hall.

Projection: Fringe Hall of Famer, Most likely won’t make it

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