Are The Tigers Buyers or Sellers At The Deadline? Point/Counterpoint

price, david tigersAs we close in on the All-Star break and eventually the trade deadline, the Tigers sit in 3rd place in the AL Central behind Minnesota by a half game and 6 games back of KC.  If all remains the same up to the deadline, are the Tigers buyers or are they going to be sellers?

Why Are The Tigers Buyers

  • Yes, the Tigers are 6 games out, but recently they’ve shown themselves to be a second half team
  • The Royals are in unchartered waters with a lead and folded against Detroit down the stretch in 2015
  • Detroit is only 2 games out of a wild card/play-in spot
  • The Tigers are just 20-19 at home, this has to get better, right?
  • We finally are getting healthy with the returns of VMart, Rondon, and JV
  • The Tigers are 26-14 against the AL Central so far
  • The play Minnesota 9 more times and KC 12 more times
  • There’s actually an RPI ranking and it has Detroit 6th
  • David Price is only under contract for the year, what can we really get for him?

Why Are The Tigers Sellers

  • Six games is a lot to over come
  • Wouldn’t we like to get something for David Price before he leaves (which he will), unlike Scherzer
  • Yes, only 2 games out of wild card/play-in spot, but trailing behind 3 other teams and tied with the Angels
  • The Tigers are just 20-19 at home, this has to get better, right?
  • The farm system is the worst in the league, do we have enough to make a significant trade
  • The farm system could improve with a trade
  • Alex Avila is back, that’s sure to cost us a game or two
  • KC is 14-6 in their last 20 games, Detroit is 11-9

Ok, what do the Tigers need? 

  • A run producer/consistent bat as the team ranks 1st in the Major’s in batting average and on-base percentage, but 12th in runs scored, and 7th in slugging percentage.
  • Lots of pitching! The team ranks 21st in the Major’s in ERA at 4.05, 17th in WHIP at 1.28, and 20th in batting average against at .258
  • The starters ERA is at 4.24 and a 1.25 WHIP. This will depend on if you think JV can get back to a piece of his former self and if Shane Greene can recover to be somewhat effective.  Then there is the question of at what point does Alfredo Simon fade like last year?
  • The bullpen I think has actually outperformed expectations with a 3.65 ERA and 1.33 WHIP. Again, this hinges on a returning player I think, with Bruce Rondon and how effective and how healthy he can be.  Still probably couldn’t hurt to have another arm.

What Can The Tigers Trade?

  • Without a doubt, David Price is the guy to get traded if any. It looks like he’s not going to sign here as he’s projected to get a Max Scherzer type contract, so we could use a couple prospects
  • Alex Avila would be feasible, however his injury history could be a concern
  • Other than that, I haven’t heard a whole lot about trading any other players

Too early to tell or is it???

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