Sons of ’84 Prediction Quarterly Check-In

Now that we’re a quarter of the way through the season, lets check in and see how the predictions are looking that we made in early April for Chris, John, and myself

Division Winners

AL East

JD: Boston Red Sox

CV: Boston Red Sox

SK: Toronto Blue Jays

So far…None of us guessed the division leading Yankee who are a game and half up on Tampa, two and half on Baltimore, and four up on both Boston and Toronto

AL Central

JD: Chicago White Sox

CV: Detroit Tigers

SK: Cleveland Indians

So far…Oddly enough, no one had KC or Minnesota who are both tied for first (YES, MINNESOTA IS TIED FOR FIRST!).  Chris is the closest with the Tigers who are a game out. Both the Sox and Indians are sitting seven games back currently

AL West

JD: Los Angeles Angels

CV: Seattle Mariners

SK: Seattle Mariners

So far…we’re really bad at this, as Houston of all teams leads the West (an AL) and has a wide 6 game lead on Seattle.  The Angels sit 6.5 games back

AL Wildcards (2)

JD: Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners

CV: Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels

SK: Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels

So far…All picks are looking good except Chris’s Indians pick at this point.  The Tigers a game back look good with Minnesota expected to fall off

AL Divisional Series Winners

JD: Detroit Tigers & Los Angeles Angels

CV: Seattle Mariners & Detroit Tigers

SK: Seattle Mariners & Detroit Tigers

So far…We shall see

AL Pennant Winner

JD: Detroit Tigers

CV: Seattle Mariners

SK: Seattle Mariners

So far…Hmmm, have to make the playoffs first

NL East

JD: Washington Nationals

CV: Washington Nationals

SK: Washington Nationals

So far…we finally got one right, the Nats are looking strong after a slow start as they are tied with the Mets for first

NL Central

JD: Pittsburgh Pirates

CV: Pittsburgh Pirates

SK: St. Louis Cardinals

So far…I nailed this with the Cards owning the Major’s best record and a game lead over the Cubs.  The Pirates have won 6 straight and sit two games out

NL West

JD: Los Angeles Dodgers

CV: Los Angeles Dodgers

SK: Los Angeles Dodgers

So far…We all got another one right with the Dodges holding a game lead over San Fran in the West

NL Wildcards (2)

JD: Chicago Cubs & San Diego Padres

CV: St. Louis Cardinals & San Diego Padres

SK: Pittsburgh Pirates & San Diego Padres

So far…The Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates picks look feasible, however San Diego is 6 games back in the West and 4 back of a WC spot

NL Divisional Series Winners

JD: Washington Nationals & Pittsburgh Pirates

CV: Washington Nationals & Los Angeles Dodgers

SK: Washington Nationals & Los Angeles Dodgers

So far…Looks solid

NL Pennant Winner

JD: Washington Nationals

CV: Washington Nationals

SK: Washington Nationals

So far…Very feasible

World Series Winner

JD: Detroit Tigers over Washington Nationals

CV: Washington Nationals over Seattle Mariners

SK: Washington Nationals over Seattle Mariners

So far…Mariners and Tigers would need to make the playoffs first


JD: Jose Abreu, CWS

CV: Mike Trout, LAA

SK: Jose Abreu, CWS

So far…Toss up right now, with Nelson Cruz probably a front runner, Prince Fielder sneaking in, and perennial contenders Trout, Cabrera, and Josh Donaldson playing their part


JD: Andrew McCutchen, PIT

CV: Giancarlo Stanton, MIA

SK: Andrew McCutchen, PIT

So far…Tough call, with Bryce Harper leading the way, followed by guys like Adrian Gonzalez, Paul Goldschmidt, and Anthony Rizzo trailing

AL Cy Young

JD: Chris Sale, CWS

CV: Felix Hernandez, SEA

SK: David Price, DET

So far…King Felix looks to lead Sonny Gray in a couple key categories, although can knock his 7 homers allowed already.  Dallas Keuchel is right in the mix, as is Chris Archer.  Price is looking good, however it a couple bumps in the Cy Young road, and Chris Sale after his injury looks pedestrian

NL Cy Young

JD: Clayton Kershaw, LAD

CV: Clayton Kershaw, LAD

SK: Max Scherzer, WAS

So far…A toss up right now, although Scherzer is performing much better than Kershaw and in the discussion.  The leaders are between A.J. Burnett, Zack Greinke, Shelby Miller, and Michael Wacha (and Scherzer)

AL Rookie of the Year

JD: Micah Johnson, CWS

CV: Rusney Castillo, BOS

SK: Mookie Betts, BOS

So far…Well, all of these are misses. Johnson has a .270 average but just 3 RBI.  Castillo was just brought up and has played 4 games.  Oh, and then there is Mookie Betts who isn’t even eligible (FAIL).  Leaders so far look like Devon Travis (yes, that Devon Travis), Mark Canha, and James McCann

NL Rookie of the Year

JD: Kris Bryant, CHC

CV: Jorge Soler, CHC

SK: Jorge Soler CHC

So far…Bryant will win, although Soler’s .277 average is ok with 3 homers and 16 RBI.  Joc Pederson looks like a strong challenger, as is Alex Guerrero, and Noah Syndergaard

Random Prediction

JD: Fomer Tigers breakout for other teams: Garcia, Smyly, Porcello

CV: In 2015, Tiger fans will be complaining about moving Avi Garcia more than Doug

SK: Joe Nathan will be released by Memorial Day

So far…Well, I kind of nailed the Nathan thing and the Avisail Garcia call has legs, with him hitting .327 with 4 homers and 18 RBI currently

Bold Predictions

CV: The Tigers will be in 3rd place (even 4th) mid-May & talk radio will project the sky is falling. Season isn’t going to start well & we’re playing all Divisional teams. But we’ll be ok…

SK: The AL is wide open this year, even with Marcus Stroman going down, there’s a chance Toronto could end up in the World Series

So far…Wow Chris!!

One thought on “Sons of ’84 Prediction Quarterly Check-In

  1. Good job in the NL so far, horrible job in the AL so far. 🙂

    Pretty much life in the prognostication business this millennium. It never matters who anyone picks, nearly everyone goes in with a shot and it’s all about which team gets hot down the stretch.



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