Can The Detroit Tigers Play All Day Games? Freakish Day/Night Splits

comerica sunI’m not quite sure what is going on here, but with a nice series winning 13-1 day game on Thursday, the Tigers have improved to 14-4 in day games and while they are 7-10 in night games.

To further support the concern, before today’s offensive output, the team had a split of .306 team batting average for day games while hitting .231 at night.  Worse yet is with today’s win, the team averages 6.3 runs a game in the day vs. 2.5 at night.

The OPS is guaranteed to go up after today’s win, however it was still at .855 during the day and .626 at night, a whopping 229 point difference!!  OBP and strike out rates remain pretty consistent so it’s really about hits and extra base hits.  In night games, the Tigers have collected 28 extra base hits in 17 games.  Before today’s game the Tigers had also played 17 day games but have more than doubled up the extra base hits with 65.  Is it a seeing thing, does the ball travel better, is it the cold, no idea, but interesting none-the-less.

Oddly enough, the same case goes for the pitching staff.

The team during night games has an ERA almost a run higher at 4.26, vs. 3.32 in day games a few more extra bases happening at night, but nothing really sticking out other then a drop in strike out rate from 7.2 to 4.9 day/night and batting average against of .239 in day games and .268 at night.  The OPS is about 100 points higher, but again doesn’t stick out crazily.

Maybe we just need to get some Red Bull stocked in the locker room or something as this is just one of those baseball anomaly’s, or is it….?

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