Son’s Of ’84 2015 Predictions

Each season I check in with current and previous writers from Pepper Baseball and current writers/ for SO84 to get their predictions for the current season and add mine in as well.  We’ll check back in at the end of the season to see who was most accurate.

This year, predictions come from myself and former Pepper Baseball bloggers Chris Voss and John DeMarco.  Here’s what we’re thinking…

Division Winners

AL East

JD: Boston Red Sox

CV: Boston Red Sox

SK: Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central

JD: Chicago White Sox

CV: Detroit Tigers

SK: Cleveland Indians

AL West

JD: Los Angeles Angels

CV: Seattle Mariners

SK: Seattle Mariners

AL Wildcards (2)

JD: Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners

CV: Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels

SK: Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels

AL Divisional Series Winners

JD: Detroit Tigers & Los Angeles Angels

CV: Seattle Mariners & Detroit Tigers

SK: Seattle Mariners & Detroit Tigers

AL Pennant Winner

JD: Detroit Tigers

CV: Seattle Mariners

SK: Seattle Mariners

NL East

JD: Washington Nationals

CV: Washington Nationals

SK: Washington Nationals

NL Central

JD: Pittsburgh Pirates

CV: Pittsburgh Pirates

SK: St. Louis Cardinals

NL West

JD: Los Angeles Dodgers

CV: Los Angeles Dodgers

SK: Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wildcards (2)

JD: Chicago Cubs & San Diego Padres

CV: St. Louis Cardinals & San Diego Padres

SK: Pittsburgh Pirates & San Diego Padres

NL Divisional Series Winners

JD: Washington Nationals & Pittsburgh Pirates

CV: Washington Nationals & Los Angeles Dodgers

SK: Washington Nationals & Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Pennant Winner

JD: Washington Nationals

CV: Washington Nationals

SK: Washington Nationals

World Series Winner

JD: Detroit Tigers over Washington Nationals

CV: Washington Nationals over Seattle Mariners

SK: Washington Nationals over Seattle Marinerswashington naitonals celebrating


JD: Jose Abreu, CWS

CV: Mike Trout, LAA

SK: Jose Abreu, CWS


JD: Andrew McCutchen, PIT

CV: Giancarlo Stanton, MIA

SK: Andrew McCutchen, PIT

AL Cy Young

JD: Chris Sale, CWS

CV: Felix Hernandez, SEA

SK: David Price, DET

NL Cy Young

JD: Clayton Kershaw, LAD

CV: Clayton Kershaw, LAD

SK: Max Scherzer, WAS

AL Rookie of the Year

JD: Micah Johnson, CWS

CV: Rusney Castillo, BOS

SK: Mookie Betts, BOS

NL Rookie of the Year

JD: Kris Bryant, CHC

CV: Jorge Soler, CHC

SK: Jorge Soler CHC

Random Prediction

JD: Fomer Tigers breakout for other teams: Garcia, Smyly, Procello

CV: In 2015, Tiger fans will be complaining about moving Avi Garcia more than Doug

SK: Joe Nathan will be released by Memorial Day

Bold Predictions


CV: The Tigers will be in 3rd place (even 4th) mid-May & talk radio will project the sky is falling. Season isn’t going to start well & we’re playing all Divisional teams. But we’ll be ok…

SK: The AL is wide open this year, even with Marcus Stroman going down, there’s a chance they could end up in the World Series

6 thoughts on “Son’s Of ’84 2015 Predictions

  1. Additions:
    – Playoff teams are tough. And we had pretty much the same other than Toronto & The Cubbies. The AL East stinks, it will be a winner by default. I was picking the Jays like JD until Stroman went down. Too young.. But Boston’s staff is terrible & that is typically how I judge a team. I also believe they will have Cole Hamels, plus another arm by July…
    – With similar playoff picks, we’ll be wrong on at least 3.
    – Nats are too obvious, something will happen..
    – Good representation in the Awards. Those are the top options. Again, too obvious. I think AL ROY is the toughest to predict by far. I made the mistake of thinking Mookie no longer qualified. I would change that pick. And watch for Joc Pederson in the NL.
    – This looks too similar to all the predictions you see online. Maybe we should do a bold predictions list…


  2. I still like Norris and Sanchez in the Blue Jays rotation, but that loss of Stroman hurts for sure.

    Was close to picking Perderson but his track record for being an elite prospect is based on just one strong season last year.


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